Inside the Studio

Visit with Jackson Joyce

Jackson Joyce takes us behind the scenes of his latest paintings, which explore the everyday items and moments that give life texture.

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“I've been reading a lot of Fernando Pessoa, a poet who wrote under many different pseudonyms, in various styles. I like the idea of creating things from multiple perspectives. So, I tried to paint using different approaches, both to the subject and the visual language . What's interesting is the elements that inadvertently tie them together.”

— Jackson Joyce

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“Journaling and sketching is a huge part of my process. Whole paintings can develop from a phrase I wrote down on a whim. It's also where I hone the nuances of color that are essential to my work. All of the hard work is done in my sketchbook. Once I've figured it out in those pages, everything else falls into place.”

— Jackson Joyce

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“I recently moved into my first painting studio. Before, I was just working from home. There's so much room to spread out—creatively and literally with larger paintings. I brought stacks of books to inspire me when I don't know what to make.”

— Jackson Joyce

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