Inside the Studio

Visit with Inka Bell

Inka Bell shares her process from screen to print in her Helsinki studio.

Photos by Paavo Lehtonen & Inka Bell

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“I have always felt really happy while spending time in print studios and I enjoy the process. At least for me, printmaking is a really natural part of graphic design and they share quite a lot of similarities. I think my working method took a lot of influence from my working methods as a graphic designer and has determined my style quite strongly.”

— Inka Bell

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“Currently, depending on the technique, I know quite well how the end result will look like, although for me creating is still intuitive, so there is always some chance in the process, although I do analyze my work a lot. At the moment I am working on how to expose my work and my working technique more and more to chance.”

— Inka Bell

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“Here, I'm finalizing the print 'Variable IV' by tearing the paper edges to the right size.”

— Inka Bell

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“At the moment I feel really attached to the green plants at my studio, which some I got as a present and some I have bought. I’m usually not able to keep any plants alive, but the ones at my studio have for some reason survived.”

— Inka Bell

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