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Visit with Ingrid Daniell

Ingrid Daniell shares her Victoria, Australia studio with us to show off her process of collage and deconstruction.

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“I turned my focus on the sub-tropical north of Australia's east coast as my muse for these Paradise works. Including the Pandanus tree in my works really enhanced the romantic notion of an idyllic, unspoiled world.”

— Ingrid Daniell

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“I love working in collage, deconstructing forms and landscapes I've painted on paper. Cut and torn to create new worlds and observations, these are a form of release from the constraints I place on my Paradise works. I love the tension that builds in the negative space and the carefully reconsidered, awkward landscapes.”

— Ingrid Daniell

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“Often I have my punk / post punk favorites on rotation while working in the studio – "Total Control" and "Antropocene" reference my favorite Australian punk band Total Control, and a nod to Joy Division – both dark realists.”

— Ingrid Daniell

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