Inside the Studio

Visit with Hyun Jung Ahn

We visit the studio of Hyun Jung Ahn, who shares how she’s embracing spontaneity in her new practice of quilting and sewing paintings.

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“Since last year, I have switched from hard-edge geometric shapes painting to sewn canvas linen paintings. Since I want to carry memories and emotions through my work, I felt I needed more natural shapes and lines from something spontaneous. ”

— Hyun Jung Ahn

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“I say that my work is a therapeutic, visual diary. I have secrets and emotional moments like everyone, and I like to give voice them in a nonverbal way so anyone can easily see.”

— Hyun Jung Ahn

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“There are many processes to prepare a painting: sketching, calculating sizes, cutting fabrics, sewing, and stretching, and of course, they aren’t 100% under control. When I stretch the stitched linen on the canvas frame, it creates organic-ish shapes, depending on how much I pull them, even if the seam line is straight.”

— Hyun Jung Ahn

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“It can be intimidating and pressured, but I enjoy every process until I sign my name behind the piece. ”

— Hyun Jung Ahn

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