Inside the Studio

Visit with Holly Addi

We go behind the scenes with Salt Lake City-based painter Holly Addi to see her recentLagom series.

Holly’s works were presented at the Affordable Art Fair in New York September 2017 alongside Caroline Walls and Santiago Ascui.

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"Mikette" and "Lupine'

“Each piece starts with a story. A melding of angles in motion, a rhythm of scent, a memory of a dream.”

— Holly Addi

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Working on "LL"

“I am constantly looking for the inner dynamics, angles, or reference to an imperfect state that creates a sense of beauty through harmony.”

— Holly Addi

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Up close with "LL"
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"Lume Study 2" and "Lume Study 1"

“I seek imperfection, angular perspectives and compositions that are felt rather than understood.”

— Holly Addi

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“Color connectivity can be equated to the energy and harmony of lovers - when colors connect, there is unspoken passion.”

— Holly Addi

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"Muir" in progress
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Up close with "Muir"
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"Kranar" and "Muir"
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