Inside the Studio

Visit with Fitzhugh Karol

Fitzhugh Karol shows us his past projects and most recent work in his cloistered Red Hook, Brooklyn studio. Fitzhugh’s sculptures will be exhibited alongside works by Evan Bellantone in Drawn Lots, on view July 28 - August 5.

Photos by Jen Brister

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“Ceramics was the initial spark for me and perhaps some of the object-based thinking that came with ceramics and pottery education still resonates with me.”

— Fitzhugh Karol

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“Creating small carved works is one of the ways I conceive of the concepts for my larger monumental forms. They're an improvisational process working with materials on hand and sketching three-dimensionally on blocks of wood, deciding what to keep and what to remove in order to coax out the best form within.”

— Fitzhugh Karol

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“I’ve always been drawn to stairways and their various shapes and for some reason that shape is almost always in my work somewhere. I also often have a combination of curves that I refer to as a “saddle” which for me goes back to the shape of the hills on the horizon at my childhood home.”

— Fitzhugh Karol

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“I wouldn’t say I decide which arrangements are suited for the method or medium. It’s more what feeling am I trying to achieve at the time and which method will get me there.”

— Fitzhugh Karol

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“My wire and tabletop steel works are exercises of drawing in space. They're playful abstract landscapes and, for most of them, I imagine myself in miniature and the combinations towering above me. They force you to consider all angles and vantage points.”

— Fitzhugh Karol

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“My surroundings definitely make their way into my work. Sometimes I borrow shapes and silhouettes from the buildings or landscape that I’m working in. I think more often the influence seeps in rather than being intentional.”

— Fitzhugh Karol

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