Inside the Studio

Visit with Evan Bellantone

Printmaker Evan Bellantone invites us to his studio to share a behind-the-scenes look at his process and influences. Evan’s monoprints will be exhibited alongside works by Fitzhugh Karol in Drawn Lots July 28 - August 5.

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“I started the wood block prints in 2012 after noticing and admiring the wood texture making cameo appearances in art throughout history.”

— Evan Bellantone

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“I realized I had never seen a print for which the grain was the subject. This project represents a way to enter concepts like drawing, nature and ecology together.”

— Evan Bellantone

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“Abstract work becomes possible when the idea might be difficult to explain with language or perhaps is not language-based at all. I am most interested in work that creates and encourages this kind of abstract discussion by posing many questions. ‘I don’t know’ can sometimes be a more interesting answer.”

— Evan Bellantone

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