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Visit with Erin Lynn Welsh

Inspired by a recent visit to Joshua Tree, painter Erin Lynn Welsh embarked on a series of mixed-media works that feature heavy impasto and subtle nuance. We catch up with Erin at her Greenpoint studio to get a closer look.

Works from this series will be featured at PULSE Miami Beach in December 2016.

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“The intricacies of color on a recent visit to Joshua Tree led me to pursue a series of material experiments. In the park, localized color is indistinguishable at a distance, but upon closer inspection the dried smoke bush trees are not brown but minty green and peach. Lower and lower, another pink cacti or bright green tree would emerge. ”

— Erin Lynn Welsh

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“Every altitude I dropped while driving and hiking through the park, I noticed from afar everything was white, neutral, and bare, against this huge sky and rocky dirt mountains. It was different upon closer inspection, roaming through the tundra and discovering the hidden islands' color against the bare landscape.”

— Erin Lynn Welsh

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“The hot sun often leaves behind what was once a vibrant and saturated color, souring it into paradoxically unnatural color. The contrast against that necrotic, otherworldly material made the living plants all the more strange: a world that I wanted to occupy, that bleached out color that only allows hints of pink, green, yellow.”

— Erin Lynn Welsh

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“Drawing from sand, matcha tea, dirt, English breakfast, and beet juice I sought to replicate the phenomena of color and light that grips the region.”

— Erin Lynn Welsh

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