Inside the Studio

Visit with Erin D. Garcia

Erin D. Garcia shows us around his studio in Los Angeles’ Thai Town to get a closer look at his Gradient series on canvas and paper.

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“I like to work in series because I get to show variations of an idea. It’s not about distilling information down to a single piece; it’s about showing the story of how an idea grows and evolves. Sometimes you can catch the beginning of something and see how it shifts around throughout a series.”

— Erin. D Garcia

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“With my last few gradient series, I’ve been searching for vibrance, an emitted frequency. It’s the combination and saturation of color that makes the painting vibrate. I think finished is when color relates well to form, when the colors create relationships between the forms, and when the composition feels balanced between form and color. Then, the piece needs to sing a little bit.”

— Erin D. Garcia

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“I love working on paper. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I have a connection somewhere with it. Paper feels so familiar to move and touch. I feel a freedom when I use it that I don’t get from other surfaces. ”

— Erin D. Garcia

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“A series defines itself, all pieces point to a center. If every painting is a variation of an idea, then the series, as a whole, explains what that idea is.”

— Erin D. Garcia

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