Inside the Studio

Visit with Elisa Gomez

Painter Elisa Gomez gives us a tour of her studio, a creative space within an old Victorian home in Denver, Colorado. Her sunny studio features a custom desk that she built with her boyfriend, along with keepsakes from family and mentors.

Photos by Jake Gasaway @jake_gasaway

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“I always put some music on [in my studio]... music is important to me and sets the vibe for my process and a nice flow of work.”

— Elisa Gomez

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“If I find a color that is just right I want to be able to use it on multiple pieces as I'm working- it's like being in the right place at the right time.”

— Elisa Gomez

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“I'm always moving between multiple pieces at a time- large ones on a wall and then smaller ones on the floor, my desk and wherever else I can fit them.”

— Elisa Gomez

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