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Visit with Charlie Engman

We visit the Brooklyn studio of Charlie Engman in advance of his solo booth at PULSE Art Fair New York during Armory Week.

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“When it comes to art, I’m primarily motivated by that fundamental excitement that occurs when a successful relationship is established between an object and an intention.”

— Charlie Engman

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“The simple 'aha' feeling when you make a face out of the headlights and bumper of a car, for example — there’s a strange sense of author-less coincidence and uncanny inevitability there that is nonetheless a product of some kind of decision-making. I think collage, and photography to some extent, is uniquely suited to produce this effect.”

— Charlie Engman

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“Collage interests me specifically, because it involves a double-remove; I’m taking moments that have already been 'realized' and un-realizing, or re-realizing, them with my scissors and tape.”

— Charlie Engman

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“In collage, everything is flat, and everything is cut-up-able; there’s an equanimity of material. A fancy quaff taken out of Vogue is the same as a creepy mummy face from National Geographic.”

— Charlie Engman

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