Inside the Studio

Visit with Carla Weeks

Carla Weeks takes us behind the scenes of her Philadelphia studio to talk about color, rules, and painting in a language that feels like your own.

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“These tiny works are formal experiments - challenging my understanding of color and color relationships. While maintaining a limited shape vocabulary, I have utilized new palettes that prompt me to question how color operates within my work and to focus on expanding my understanding of the oil medium.”

— Carla Weeks

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“The monochrome studies are a continuation of the ‘vocab color studies’ I made in the spring [of 2020]. By employing a further simplified shape vocabulary, I am testing my editing process; pushing the distillation of forms, while attempting to maintain a language that feels like my own.”

— Carla Weeks

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“As someone who works with color instinctually, I thought it important to challenge which colors I use and why. These pieces have a vibrancy that I’ve shied away from in the past.”

— Carla Weeks

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“It has been liberating to test the idea of breaking from a subconscious formula, to acknowledge the self-imposed restrictions or ‘rules’ developed over the past few years, and observe what happens when they are removed.”

— Carla Weeks

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