Inside the Studio

Visit with Anastasia Greer

Anastasia Greer gives us a tour of her Portland, OR studio to get a closer look at her mixed media works and learn more about how her recent diagnosis informs her practice.

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“I was recently diagnosed and treated for a brain tumor and because of that have had speech and memory issues. I continuously create work that combines sewing and digital and physical painting, as it significantly helps to resolve these issues.”

— Anastasia Greer

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“My use of symmetrical motifs, as shown in works such as 'Eggs on the Brain That Jump Over Dressing' and 'U.F.O', is a way for me to mimic my thoughts that are frequently bouncing from the right side of my brain to the left in order to both help with my language and to create my own. I have always been interested in sewing- traditional quilts, clothes, and objects. Although it took quite some time, I’m now not concerned about piecing and sewing perfectly and have found that it adds my personality and shows my hand in my work.”

— Anastasia Greer

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“Because my studio is in my home, as soon as an idea pops into my head I can easily put a record on, jot things down, put the color scheme together, cut fabric, and begin sewing. I continuously work on multiple pieces in different mediums all at once in order to avoid frustration. I love distracting myself with another piece. I create monthly playlists, of mostly music from the 60’s and 70’s, which influence each piece and act as a medium. My studio is filled with many different mediums, including vinyl adhesive paper, silk, canvas, paint, markers, yarn, and cardboard.”

— Anastasia Greer

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