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In Alyson Provax’s work, power and intention is given to words thought and spoken through the meditative process of handsetting letterpress type. The repetition, erasure and fracturing of each phrase echoes the collective absence, longing and loss felt during a year of isolation. Alyson’s work presents the opportunity to reflect on these emotions and feel united by our shared experience. Go inside her studio through the photos below.

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“I love the meditative action of setting the lines of lead type to print, and the translation of turning words thought into words written, and words written into words printed. The very nature of letterpress gives you an intimacy with your text.”

— Alyson Provax

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“As I erased each iteration of this phrase it was a reflection on the simultaneous presence and absence contained within each missed event of this year.”

— Alyson Provax

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“I wanted to explore a distance, or fracturing of a phrase. The texture of the crumpled paper reflects the short distances that become wider by chance.”

— Alyson Provax

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