Inside the Studio

Visit with Adrian Kay Wong

We stop by Adrian Kay Wong’s Lincoln Heights apartment and studio in Los Angeles to talk color, composition, and living with your work.

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“It's very important to me that I reduce my method of painting to bare minimums. Besides some brushes and paint, I don't use tape, no fancy brushes, no extra assistance. I think I cling to this romantic idea that this pursuit of beauty and excellence in image making comes from nothing more than simple tool in hand and surface.”

— Adrian Kay Wong

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“I often hold onto my work for a period of time after the physical painting part of my creative process is finished. It's a way for me to really familiarizing myself with the subtle nuances of certain color relationships and compositional elements in the painting that may not be communicated at first glance. ”

— Adrian Kay Wong

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“Most of my paintings start in a sketchbook as line drawings that are repeated and refined until they develop into more structured compositions. Color requires much more of a conscious effort for me by experimentation and studies.”

— Adrian Kay Wong

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