Inside the Studio

Visit with Vicki Sher

Vicki Sher invites us to her Gowanus studio to see recent works on paper, drafting film, and muslin. Vicki’s works span an ongoing investigation of interior spaces, bodies, and the spaces in between. Her paintings were exhibited alongside works by Ky Anderson at PULSE Art Fair, New York in March 2016.

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“It can be hard to summon up spontaneity in the middle of the studio day, but being patient and waiting for a feeling of excitement and urgency, and moving forward without hesitancy is hugely important.”

— Vicki Sher

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“I think I’m settling into a way of working, a set of ideas about line, color, interior life, and things feel very fluid right now, but it can always change.”

— Vicki Sher

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“My most recent work comes out of a lot of advance planning actually, I read poetry, whisper it into my phone and play it back into my ear while drawing, I mix colors in advance and prepare painted paper for collage.”

— Vicki Sher

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