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#UAtakeover with Erin Garcia

LA-based painter Erin Garcia creates large-scale, site-specific murals and has partnered with the Ace Hotel, The Standard, Downtown LA, and Pepsi Culture Labs, to name a few. In an Instagram takeover exclusive to Uprise Art (@UpriseNYC), Erin gave us an inside glimpse into his artistic process, and his recurring interests: first determining a set of rules to guide each of his works or series, Erin creates compositions that explore repetition, color, and variation. Scroll down to see his photos.

Photos by Erin Garcia

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Installation at Mack Sennett Studios, Los Angeles. Photo by Aaron Farley (@aaronfarley)
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Installation at Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

“My first large installation, created for the Ace Hotel Palm Springs, curated by Junk Magazine.”

— Erin Garcia

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Collaborative project for Foam Magazine
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“I just started layering semi transparent colors to create different hues. To figure out my favorite color combinations I drew every permutation (possible variation) of 5 colors pairing 2 then 3 colors. These are my current favorites from that process.”

— Erin Garcia

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From Erin's solo show at HVW8 Gallery, Los Angeles
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"5 Elements in 5 Colors (Black)," created for Uprise Art
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Installation in Harajuku, Tokyo
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Temporary installation at The Standard, Hollywood

“I use sets of rules to create each piece, what I think are the most important or defining rules usually end up as the title. 2-8-6 - 2 repetitions of 8 elements in 6 colors. Temporary installation The Standard Hollywood.”

— Erin Garcia

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From Erin's solo show at HVW8 Gallery, Los Angeles

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