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Senem on 'The Night Paintings'

Like eyes adjusting to darkness, Senem Oezdogan’s paintings reveal themselves slowly. Cloaked in rich hues of indigo, the paintings are punctuated with radiant pricks of vermillion and ochre tinged yellows. Deep maroons reverberate against the nearly black blues, both simultaneously receding and advancing forward into space. This optical dissonance disrupts the viewer’s understanding of Senem’s constructed planes, alluding to the disorienting quality of the decreased visibility in darkness. Go behind the scenes below.

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“'The Night Paintings' are an exploration of the theme of the night and the way it absorbs and elevates light. They are an observation of light’s transformative quality as well as the emotional response to its absence and the sense of comfort its appearance creates.”

— Senem Oezdogan

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“When night starts to fall and darkness surrounds the environment, vision becomes limited and images of reality transform into images of consciousness – our inner and outer world meet, and the urge to find shelter arises.”

— Senem Oezdogan

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