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Santiago on murals

Chilean artist Santiago Ascui shares the process behind some of his favorite mural projects to date.

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“Colors have a lot to do with where the work is set. Once, I painted a mural in a lab where the uniform was blue, so blue was the starting point of the color composition. Generally, I make three or four compositions over a picture where I improvise the sequence of different colors, trying to create an attractive and ludic chromatic situation.”

— Santiago Ascui

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“In my canvas works, I try to occupy or complement an empty space with figures that fit into planes in a certain manner or shape. In the murals is the same exercise–the only thing that changes is the scale, but the main idea of the composition and administration of color prevails.”

— Santiago Ascui

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“Basic considerations are the sizes of the walls, illumination, and perspective (how will the viewer see the work, from which distance and angle?). I also consider external elements and the way the space is used–this issue is very influential when deciding colors and forms.”

— Santiago Ascui

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