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Ruth on recent paintings

Ruth Freeman gives insight into how her time in the studio has progressed in the past years from a more systematic process to a gestural method, as well as her enigmatic titles.

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“This year I’ve been focused on simplifying the digital, straight-edged layers of the paintings as seen in IT’S A DEAL NOW REVEAL, IN THE SPRING THEY START TO SING, and INCANDESCENT YET FLORESCENT. New pieces have progressed a bit in that the gestural and digital elements are beginning to intertwine a bit more. It’s becoming much more intuitive when compared to past works such as HELLO YELLOW and HANDSOME RANSOM where I was interested in a more systematic process.”

— Ruth Freeman

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“As I simplified the digital layers in these more recent paintings, the titles begin to get longer. It seemed to balance somehow. My titles derive from a childhood word game I played with my mother called Stink Pink: The two rhyming words, for me, relate to the two dichotomies of digital and physical gestures. This year, as the paintings are focusing a bit more on the intuitive gestural layer, I have started relating the titles to situations that happen during the making of the painting. THE RAIN IS LIKE, YOU KNOW, COBAIN was created because it rained every day and I listened to a lot of Nirvana during the making of that painting.”

— Ruth Freeman

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“Color continues to derive from vibrant computer screen palettes. Often times I combine certain colors to give the best optic play. If I combine certain colors within the taped areas so I can create the illusion of a color that isn’t actually there. But mostly I start the painting backgrounds with colors I actually view on a computer screen.”

— Ruth Freeman

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