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RF on "Archivo"

RF Alvarez’s newest series, Archivo, draws from Greek and Roman influences as well as pre-Columbian imagery to create works that prefigure a kind of future artifact. We go behind the scenes at his Austin, Texas studio to take a first look.

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“I'm interested in the notion of artifact-creation: mapping or documenting experiences, recycling relics to carve out new meaning; the relationship between the object and the individual. Lately, I've been taking a look at how these objects can come to shape identities and how they reflect an individual's relationship to a heritage.”

— RF Alvarez

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“How can certain motifs resonate differently as time passes, adopting new meaning? How can personal artifacts fold into a larger fabric of historical ones? Can new meaning be manipulated out of ancient figurations? These are the questions I've been exploring.”

— RF Alvarez

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“As I get older I see myself less and less as an individual and more as a part of some bigger conversation.”

— RF Alvarez

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