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Rebeca on "Ghost Garden"

Hand-painted on Crêpe de Chine silk, Rebeca Raney’s silk paintings feature a roster of recurring characters, flowers, and ghosts. For PULSE Miami Beach, Rebeca’s work was suspended to create Ghost Garden, a maximalist installation that served as a site for visitors to gather, pause, and connect. Activated by airflow in the tent, the installation revealed ripples of movement as the loose components shifted and waved, evoking a suspended garden.

We go behind the scenes to see how the silk paintings come together in the studio before the fair.

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“In the beginning, the silk is white and the resist that I use is a cream-colored goop. The quickly drying resist makes the whole picture nearly invisible. Painting with dye is a big revelation because it feels like I am undoing a puzzle. I enjoy that the methodical process doesn't hide mistakes. Small areas where the dye travels out of bounds or leaks prove that these works aren't printed. This is a big deal. It's easy to assume that these works are printed. I try to get them close to a personal ideal but my hand and clumsiness aren't lost.”

— Rebeca Raney

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“We are surrounded by flowers. I love flowers and finding them in textiles and patterns. They are everywhere and powerful not just for their beauty but for their presence. ”

— Rebeca Raney

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“The silk is light and floaty like a ghost; I like drawing the happy ghosts with flowers because I think they are fortune bringers and lucky and funny. ”

— Rebeca Raney

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