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Leigh on "Deception"

Multidisciplinary artist Leigh Wells shares her inspiration behind her series “Deception”. Leigh’s works were exhibited alongside works by Xochi Solis and Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey at the Affordable Art Fair, New York in March 2016.

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Deception 111001
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Detail of Deception 111002
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Detail of Deception 111007

“Until a couple of years ago, I made work inspired by the mysterious boundary between the truth and the unknowable. The ways we use religion, science, history and other systems to grapple with these questions are still of interest.”

— Leigh Wells

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Deception 111003
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Detail of Deception 111005
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Deception 111007
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Detail of Deception 111008

“The 'Deception' pieces are portraits of an imagined interior life. They address hidden compulsion, a struggle with maladaptive urges, shame, narcissism and turning in on one’s self at the expense of everything else.”

— Leigh Wells

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Exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair NYC

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