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Leif on "The Valley"

Photographer and videographer Leif Huron talks to us about his work “The Valley”. Included in the Official Selection at the Tribeca Film Festival and featured in the Journeys Across Cultural Landscapes program, the work examines an instability between wild and domestic space. It plays on the tension between search and enclosure, territory and flight, the desire to aspire, and a need to find home.

“The Valley” was presented at PULSE New York in March 2016. Watch “The Valley” here.

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“Much of my video work plays on a hybrid fiction/non-fiction model of storytelling. In the case of The Valley, it is an observation of a character enveloped by the landscape.”

— Leif Huron

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“A character lost, desperately looking an escape route out from some long-forgotten tale. I never intended this film to be a classical man vs. nature story, though I understand how it may be interpreted that way.”

— Leif Huron

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“I thought of The Valley as funny, a little science-fiction maybe - but most of all, the story of a character so wrapped up in his own internal struggle that through a failure of his own vision, he doesn’t realize that not far away, lies civilization, living out the day, unaware of his absence.”

— Leif Huron

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