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Kristin on "light on the cliffs of moher - magic"

Painter Kristin Texeira gives us a closer look at her inspiration and drafting behind “light on the cliffs of moher - magic.” A special limited edition of 10 prints of her work was commissioned by the Affordable Art Fair, and sold during the fall 2016 fair.

Learn more about Kristin’s process.

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one of Kristin Texeira's sketchbooks, with early drafts of the Cliffs of Moher
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"light on the cliffs of moher IX"

“Visiting my grandparents as a kid, I would flip through a big book titled “Ireland” that my grandfather kept on the coffee table to pass the time. My favorite image was a two-page spread of the Cliffs of Moher. I would daydream, trying to get inside of the photo and imagine myself peering over the edge of the cliffs. I made it to Florence for a study abroad program and was determined to get to the cliffs.”

— Kristin Texeira

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"light on the cliffs of moher XV"
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"light on the cliffs of moher XIV"
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"light on the cliffs of moher XIII"
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"light on the cliffs of moher XII"

“The thought of actually living out this moment seemed impossible at age ten. But, I made it to Florence when I turned eighteen. I took a plane to Dublin and a bus across the country to the cliffs. I only had a 45 minute window to take it all in because I had to catch the same bus back—but it was worth it. It was one of the first experiences that made me realize anything is possible.”

— Kristin Texeira

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"light on the cliffs of moher XIII"
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a collection of "light on the cliffs of moher" studies in Kristin Texeira's studio
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"light on the cliffs of moher XI"
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"light on the cliffs of moher X"

“I usually have to get into a meditative state and actually time travel back to the place I am painting about. I have a blank piece of paper on the desk and a pencil in hand, and I let my memory walk me through streets and halls and recount objects or people I see along the way. My hand makes marks while my mind wanders and that creates the shape of the memory. Then I go back in and make notes about colors of objects and spaces—some are representational colors and some are emotional colors. I did a bunch of little studies, which were so fun to do because I had a composition set and I could just play with color. ”

— Kristin Texeira

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"light on the cliffs of moher VIII"
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a collection of "light on the cliffs of moher" studies

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