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Kristin in residency at Object Limited

Kristin Texeira’s spring residency in the small town of Bisbee, AZ led her to create dusky paintings that she says were more meditations than planned out works. We take a look at her space and some of the newest work out of the Uprise Art x Object Limited Residency.

Photos by Julius Schlosburg

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“I worked backwards while I was in Bisbee. Typically when I create a series of memory maps I write first, make a list of the memories I want to create and then start painting each story. This time around I just dove into painting and trusted that the color of the landscape would seep out onto paper. I kept an empty mind while mixing color and created intuitive compositions - they were more meditations than planned out works. I titled them all at the end of my stay. I looked at an individual piece and whatever memory came to mind first from my stay was the title – kind of Rorschach-test-style. ”

— Kristin Texeira

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“Interacting with the community in Bisbee was the best part of my stay. Everyone there is open and friendly. I felt like a local by day two. It's such a funny little town to end up at, so everyone I met had an interesting story of how they got there. Met OG New York artists who have been hiding out in the town since the 70s. Met a dude named Moon Dragon (tell you about how he got his name another time). And because the town is sort of a lone oasis they have to make their own fun – they don't mess around. There is live music everywhere – the streets, the bars, all day long. Hit a drag show, a movie premier, parade, burlesque show. And the best part is all you have to do is walk outside, give a friend a wave and then you get invited to dinner.”

— Kristin Texeira

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