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Erin D. Garcia at PULSE Art Fair

Originally sourced from his drawing project “Series A”, “Arrangements from Series A #2” is a free-floating and structured arrangement with an intuitive, improvisational sensibility. The work was presented as a special project at PULSE New York in March 2016.

Discover artwork by Erin D. Garcia.

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“I’m finding out what rules hold the pieces together, common relationships of form and color, and different strategies to control the elements.”

— Erin Garcia

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“I used the repetition of shapes and composition to focus solely on the color.”

— Erin Garcia

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“He deconstructs this architecture of color into a simpler lexicon of lines, arches, and curves in an ongoing search of other primary structures, or as he says, “elements”.”

— Juxtapoz Magazine

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“His work is a calculated process of designating, defining, arranging, and permuting elements and colors with algorithmic thoroughness.”

— Juxtapoz Magazine

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“His compositional logic is intimately tied to strategies of musical arrangement but exploit the mind’s tendency to complete data.”

— Juxtapoz Magazine

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