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Eric on "Power, Corruption & Lies"

Inspired by British rock band New Order’s cover for their 1983 album “Power, Corruption & Lies,” Eric LoPresti’s series of the same title explores juxtapositions in imagery and line as a 19th-century floral painting by Henri Fantin-Latour meets hard-edged, geometric color chips. View works from the series and peek inside Eric’s studio and process below.

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“I’ve been very inspired by books on science, color, and the history of technology. I also use visual references drawn from the '80s, like vector video games and Joy Division album covers. The popular aesthetics of that time reflected a very harsh view of reality, including an ever-present threat of global annihilation.”

— Eric LoPresti

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“My paintings often follow a similar scheme, juxtaposing soft environmental imagery with sharp linear elements.”

— Eric LoPresti

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