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Christina on "Light Totems"

Crafted using brass and mica, Christina Watka’s Light Totems are kinetic installations of light and shadow. Fluttering in midair, these works explore themes of mindfulness, joy, movement and reflection as they absorb light as a mirror and a lens. Gently creating a chime-like sound as they blow in the breeze, the Light Totems reorganize themselves with each shift in the air, continuously shifting shapes in an endless dance.

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“The brass and mica work together to play with light.”

— Christina Watka

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“Brass reflects a golden light but does not let light through, and when seen in front of light, it will create a moving shape in shadow.”

— Christina Watka

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“Mica, on the other hand, both reflects light and lets light through, creating a curious conversation with the viewer about where the sculptures begin and end; in brighter daylight, the mica is excitable and acts like a mirror, pushing reflected light onto walls and floors, creating a 360 degree experience with the work.”

— Christina Watka

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“Due to the airiness of the materials, the constantly changing airflow will also cause the work to change, bringing new compositions every second.”

— Christina Watka

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