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CHIAOZZA on site-specific installations

In addition to their wall-based works and tabletop objects, CHIAOZZA maintains a site-specific practice featuring murals, installations and large-scale sculpture. Below we highlight the making and inspiration behind a few of their projects, from Chiaozza Garden at Coachella to The Invisible Traveler at Hermés Shanghai.

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Zen Garden at Industry City
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Stick Stump & The Lawn Lumps at Tappen Park
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Chiaozza Garden at Coachella (photo by Colin Gray)

“Chiaozza Garden is a large-scale immersive installation created for the 2017 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. Like a mirage or a superbloom, the 32 ten- to forty-foot-tall sprouting sculptures create a fleeting hallucination that encourages an appreciation of the present moment and carves out a space to explore, gather, rest, or look around and engage friends, strangers, and the world around us.”

— Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao

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Chiaozza Garden at Coachella (photo by Tommy Lundberg)
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Chiaozza Garden at Coachella (photo by Andrew Jorgenson)
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Chiaozza Garden at Coachella (photo by Lance Gerber)
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Window installations at Hermès (Shanghai)

“Our window design for Hermès Maison Shanghai is titled The Invisible Traveler. This window is The Ancient Cave at Dusk. The arched ‘portal’ at the center of the cave is a link to The Future Forest at Moonrise, the window scene at the opposite end of the building. Our traveler is nowhere to be seen and, having shed their belongings, has dove into the dream space beyond the cave.”

— Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao

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Window installations at Hermès (Shanghai)
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Behind the scenes of installations for Nike (Flatiron)
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Installations at Nike (Flatiron)
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Paper Islands at Long Island University

“'Paper Islands' is series of painted papier-mâché sculptures that explore the imagery of imaginary plants and geological formations through accretion of form and material. The surface of the sculpture becomes a three-dimensional canvas for discovering color and seeking magic, richness, and playfulness in a new picture plane.”

— Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao

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Studies of sculptures for "Shape and Structure: Gemels" at Casa Romantica
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Sculptures for "Shape and Structure: Gemels" at Casa Romantica
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"Shape and Structure: Gemels" at Casa Romantica
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"Shape and Structure: Gemels" at Casa Romantica

“Gemels are an on-going series of drawings, paintings, and sculptures abstracting natural tree forms into reduced, minimal, and surreal shapes and compositions. Inspired by the perseverance of nature and its ability to evolve, adapt, and 'bounce back' against all odds, this series draws formal inspiration from natural observations made while walking and hiking”

— Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao

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Behind the scenes of "Shape and Structure: Gemels" at Casa Romantica
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Installing Cloud Trees at Casa Romantica
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Cloud Trees at Casa Romantica

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