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Blake on 'Placeholder'

Blake Aaseby takes us behind the scenes with his new series of paintings ‘Placeholder’, which explore memory through rhythmic mark-making.

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“My work has always found itself, in some form, as a way of slowing simple things down, or better yet, a way of exploring the intricate landscapes of the fleeting. I’m fascinated with the concept of significance or loss over time and captivated by small moments and giving them a deserved sense of value and rightful attention. I daily find myself analyzing the scuffs and markings on an object, the shapes of stains, even fixated on each stitch in a shirt. The banal of the banal.”

— Blake Aaseby

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“Another reason for my obsession with detail is probably due to the fact that I’m severely nearsighted. Without contacts or corrective lenses, clarity disappears about 4 inches from my face. Close proximity is comforting but also is my default way of understanding. I feel as though I’m hyper-focused by nature. ”

— Blake Aaseby

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“For this series, textiles and pointillism were the perfect pairing for my desire to blend mapping and storytelling. I’m drawn to the musicality of pointillism. It’s easy to get lost in the rhythm, pattern, and movement of it all. As a drummer, I relate to the percussive quality of striking pastel on wood panel. The tones, cadences, and gestures come together to form something bigger than its individual self. Just as in a score, each mark plays a part while the absence or restraint of another holds equal weight. Drawing these pieces also allows me to freely explore without worrying about the physical architecture of a textile or its structural integrity.”

— Blake Aaseby

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