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Ben on "No Future Plans"

Go behind the scenes with Ben Skinner as he prepares his site-specific installation, “No Future Plans”, for PULSE Art Fair Miami Beach as part of their signature PROJECTS.

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“Ben's 'No Future Plans' presents contrasting concepts of participation, camouflage, and design. Showcasing the fascination with materiality and linguistic nuance that runs through his work, the installation merges wordplay with considered material application.”

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“The large 3D letters are surfaced with a decorative marbling technique, at once evocative of traditional book arts and design as well as natural forms. The ornamental treatment hints at the mute dialogue of end pages in books, or even an absurd attempt at disguise.”

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“Skinner's disclosure manifests a societal ennui, questioning the dual roles of participation and memory while simultaneously hinting at reckless intent.”

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