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Ashok on "South of the Convergence"

Photographer Ashok Sinha shares the story behind his most recent body of work “South of the Convergence”. The series was taken from the deck of an icebreaker in a narrow stretch of ocean between the southernmost tip of South America and Antarctica.

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South of the Convergence 2
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Detail of South of the Convergence 3
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Detail of South of the Convergence 1

“South of the Convergence is my interpretation of the fragility of the southernmost continent of Antarctica. Long after we had crossed the Antarctic Convergence—a natural boundary of the Antarctic Ocean where the cold Antarctic waters meet warmer waters to the north—I started observing the fast-changing shapes and textures on the ocean surface. I photographed icebergs and ice floes from the deck of our icebreaker ship.”

— Ashok Sinha

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South of the Convergence 5
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South of the Convergence 6
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Detail of South of the Convergence 3
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Detail of South of the Convergence 4

“I wanted to reinterpret the surrounding ether of the ocean surface and the natural structures of ice in a way that freed myself from the subject matter. The ambiguity of scale and substance helped the subject transcend its source, which started to lose its original identity.”

— Ashok Sinha

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Detail of South of the Convergence 5
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Detail of South of the Convergence 2
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South of the Convergence 1
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Detail of South of the Convergence 4

“The landscape around me was transformed into a non-object, often drawing a wide range of associations with aerial, interplanetary and lunar landscapes and thus encouraging the viewer to look at Antarctica. Abstracted from its vast landscape, it sparks conversation about preserving this last untouched continent's natural beauty.”

— Ashok Sinha

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Detail of South of the Convergence 6

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