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Ashok on "Exacting Proportion"

Photographer Ashok Sinha shares a behind-the-scenes look at his series “Exacting Proportion”, which takes skylines from around the world as a point of departure to explore ideas of environment and community.

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New York City, New York
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Costa Nova, Portugal

“From the top of the Empire State Building, New York City looked very different. It was as if the expanse of the endless horizon had a humbling effect on our city and reduced it to its exacting proportion. That is how the series Exacting Proportion' started. ”

— Ashok Sinha

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Los Angeles, California
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Cairo, Egypt
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I wanted to document a view of the world and put the scale of our communities in perspective. We often tend to lose ourselves in the world surrounding us and fail to realize that civilization is limiting even at its best. ”

— Ashok Sinha

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Gobi Desert, Mongolia
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Athens, Greece
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Fort Collins, Colorado

“With influences drawn from Edward Burtynsky’s sweeping views of landscapes, 'Exacting Proportion' points to environmental and cultural similarities between all of us, while also taking delight in the colorful differences. In this body of work, I want to make images that are earnest, contemplative, and peaceful, as well as offer a hint of humor by positioning humankind as tiny in such a large universe.”

— Ashok Sinha

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Giza, Egypt
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Reykjavik, Iceland

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