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Amber on 'Collectively Alone'

We go behind the scenes with Amber Vittoria as she prepared for her first solo-exhibition, Collectively Alone. In this latest series of paintings, the artist focuses on the process of improving one’s self in solitude in order to create change in society. Each work contains a single figure, standing in calm reflection and painted in vibrant multi-colored forms, speaking to the idea of inward reflection creating outward energy and action. Learn more about the exhibition here, or take a peek into Amber’s process below.

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"Confidence, She Says Shakily"
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Detail of "Confidence, She Says Shakily"
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“In these larger canvases and smaller works on paper, scale also plays a role; regardless of if the change you create is in small increments or large sweeping growth, its importance is equally powerful.”

— Uprise Art

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"At Least Monday Still Feels Miserable"
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Detail of "At Least Monday Still Feels Miserable"
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"Frantically Getting Ready for Zoom (Make My Heart Go Boom)"
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Detail of "Frantically Getting Ready for Zoom (Make My Heart Go Boom)"

“'Frantically Getting Ready For Zoom (Make My Heart Go Boom)' is a dedication to the millions of women who feel forced to fall back into troped, dangerous gendered stereotypes during the pandemic.”

— Amber Vittoria

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"I Am Symmetry"
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Detail of "I Am Symmetry"
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"Who I Am" and "Who I Thought I'd Be"
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Detail of "Who I Am"

“Vittoria enjoys rendering with a gestural approach - evoking a feeling of a figure looking simultaneously complete and incomplete. This quietly hints at the human condition; our tendency to project a complete exterior, while upon reflection, we are more complicated and fractured.”

— Uprise Art

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"How It's Going" and "How It Started"
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Detail of "How It Started"
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"How It's Going"

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