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Adrian on 'To and From'

As part of Adrian Kay Wong’s solo show “Quiet as a Space”, the LA-based artist created a custom mural titled To and From. We go behind the scenes in Chinatown, New York to see the work come to life.

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“Going into the work, I knew I wanted to include the 'distant doorway' motif into the image. Along with working within the specific proportion of the roll down gate, these were the guidelines I kept in mind when conceiving an image for the mural.”

— Adrian Kay Wong

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“The mural, titled 'To and From' to parallel the name of the space, Act + Acre, is an allegory to the visitor's experience. The two figures occupy the center of the mural, one looking toward the doorway, implying the gallery space behind the closed roll down gate, and the other looking back to the left side, predominately identified with a bright flower.”

— Adrian Kay Wong

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Adrian Kay Wong and the Act + Acre co-founders, Helen Reavey and Colm Mackin
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“Color-wise, the particular yellow was sourced from the yellow light emanating from the back area of the gallery space. After working through several palettes, the blue tones served to not only contrast the environment of the neighborhood around the location, but also coincide with the blue sky and the cooler temparatures of when the exhibition would be open.”

— Adrian Kay Wong

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