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Adam & Terri on "Lumpy Paintings"

Artist duo Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao embarked on a series of material experiments in 2016, leading to their newest project: Lumpy Paintings. The topographical surface of their paper pulp-based works serve as a jumping off point for their signature, riotous colors and playful foray into painting

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On view at Art on Paper, New York
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“Recycled paper pulp is pressed and molded by hand into a framed screen, creating thick tablets of paper that are shaped into squiggles, mounds, divots, and daubs. Bright and playful colors painted on the lumpy surfaces augment the humorous aspect of the iconic forms, almost becoming cartoonish stand-ins for abstract painting. ”

— Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao

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On view at Art on Paper, New York
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“The series plays with the dichotomy of transforming the base substance of recycled junk mail into the highfalutin form of a painting, posing simple and quirky conclusions of what paper can be and what painting can be.”

— Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao

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“The series intends to explore clunky formal limitations by flexing the materiality of paint, inducing fissures and cracks, along with unexpected shape and color relationships.”

— Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao

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