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Untitled Secret

Untitled Secret is a collection of companies reinventing community through travel, brand discovery, and unique experiences. True to their emphasis on connecting people, their Nolita office features artwork by Luckey Remington, whose hand-dyed canvas piece shows we’re all cut from the same cloth. In the entryway, Kristin Texeira’s works on paper from a recent residency in Bisbee, Arizona underscore Untitled Secret’s appreciation for culture and unexpected experiences.

Photos courtesy of Untitled Secret

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Artwork by Kristin Texeira
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Artwork by Luckey Remington

“I started to work with more abstract ideas of visual form and color and that was when I recognized that I was finally doing the work that I was built for.”

— Luckey Remington

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Artwork by Luckey Remington
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Artwork by Luckey Remington
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Artwork by Hyun Jung Ahn

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