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Part pop-up, part lab, and part playground, our friends at Snowe turned a Union Square loft into a haven for design. We curated artwork to reflect their commitment to quality, timeless home essentials, including monochrome works with a gilded edge by Zoë Pawlak, hard-edge paintings by Clay Mahn, and more.

Photos courtesy of Snowe

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Artwork by Zoë Pawlak
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Artwork by Clay Mahn, Rubin415, and Leigh Wells
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Artwork by Leigh Wells (right)
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Artwork by Clay Mahn (top)
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Artwork by Rubin415 (bottom) and Michael Milano (right)
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Artwork by Leigh Wells
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Artwork by Leigh Wells
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Artwork by Julie Martini

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In Good Company


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In Good Company


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In Good Company

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