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NYC hedge fund

Spanning five floors, this global hedge fund’s NYC Headquarters was looking for sophisticated exhibitions to match their expansive, clean design. Uprise Art curated a series of six-month exhibitions that underscore the company’s core values.

Photos by Stephanie Stanley

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Ashok Sinha's photographs
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Ashok Sinha's "New York City, New York"

“We curated this exhibition "Paperworks" to demonstrate unique and innovative approaches to the paper, and the artwork exhibited revels in the endless possibilities of the medium. The exhibition also highlights the architecture and design of office, a serene space for work, interaction, and contemplation. ”

— - Tze Chun, Founder at Uprise Art

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Ashok Sinha's "Rio de Janeiro, Brazil"
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Ashok Sinha's "Giza, Egypt"
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“These works possess a duality of scale, interpretable as either the universe, vast and expansive, or as microscopic organisms, invisible to the naked eye.”

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Work by Shantell Martin
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Work by Shantell Martin
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“The large work in the stairwell was created live during an on-site talk and drawing demonstration for employees by artist Shantell Martin.”

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