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Hospital for Special Surgery

Hospital for Special Surgery in New York has been committed to the treatment and rehabilitation of children since its founding as a children’s hospital in 1863, and has emerged as a leading academic specialty hospital. With the entire patient and family experience in mind, we curated original artwork for the new Lerner Children’s Pavilion. Focusing on contemplative abstract works with sophisticated color palettes and calming compositions, the artwork at HSS welcomes all visitors, children and adults alike.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo

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“The works at the Pavilion convey optimism, playfulness and energy through the use of bright colors, soft shapes, and a compositional sense of movement.”

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“More than half of the works were commissioned specifically for the Children’s Pavilion, with the patient and family experience in mind.”

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“Lauren Cotton's collages possess a residual sensibility from her background in textile design, mitigating the intuitive and reactionary aspects of the collage process with the tidy, implied grid of warp and weft.”

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