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Homepolish headquarters

When our good friends at Homepolish told us they were expanding into a 12,000 square-foot space in the Flatiron, we were thrilled to curate a collection of works to emphasize their design-centered ethos. From a large-scale mixed media piece by Xochi Solis to a photograph of Scandinavian landscapes by Dora Kontha, tour their new headquarters below.

Photos by Julia Robbs for Homepolish

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“Moving around the corner from our previous headquarters, Homepolish designed a sleek new office space in the Flatiron district. The office build out was the work of Homepolish founder Noa Santos and commercial designer Shelly Lynch-Sparks.”

— Homepolish

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Artwork by Xochi Solis

“Among the new 'adult' amenities, we have a new conference room, awash in sunlight and beautiful art by Xochi Solis.”

— Homepolish

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Artwork by Dora Kontha
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Artwork by Kristin Texeira

“Small breakout rooms each have their own piece of artwork from Uprise Art.”

— Homepolish

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