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We helped our friends at Homepolish with artwork for their Flatiron office from artists Erin Lynn Welsh, Chad Kouri, and Anna Moller.

Photos by Danielle Arps

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“Art is central to interior design and Uprise helps projects look their best. ”

— Noa Santos, co-founder at Homepolish

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Erin Lynn Welsh's "Rise" and Chad Kouri's "Drafting the Cosmos"
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Anna Moller's "Untitled #3", "Untitled #2", "Untitled #5", and "Untitled #4"
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“Their team understands how designers think and work and they’re experts in finding the perfect artwork for any space.”

— Noa Santos, co-founder at Homepolish

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“Homepolish and Uprise Art have a similar goal, to make living with great art and design accessible.”

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Anna Moller's "Untitled #3", "Untitled #2", "Untitled #5", and "Untitled #4"

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