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Influenced by collaboration and design, Fuigo’s mission is to empower creatives with the resources they need. As a part of their 2019 design residency, Uprise Art curates a collection for the company’s Park Avenue coworking space. Artworks by Teresa Christiansen, Dana Bell, and John Platt bring a bright energy to the creative space, while collages by Xochi Solis and Ferris McGuinty echo the company’s message of synergy and teamwork.

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Senem Oezdogan
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Senem Oezdogan
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Sinziana Velicescu
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Ashok Sinha
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John Platt
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Ferris McGuinty
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Ward Roberts
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Xochi Solis
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Matt Neuman
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Dana Bell
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Erin D. Garcia
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Xochi Solis
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Scott Sueme
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Holly Addi
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Ward Roberts
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Tyler Scheidt
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Tyler Scheidt

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In Good Company


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