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Freck is a new beauty brand that focuses on clean ingredients, honest prices, and obsession-worthy packaging. When designer Melanie Burstin was tapped by Freck’s founder to design the companies first headquarters, she knew that the space should be “chic and cool, while also inviting and comfortable”. They began with an empty commercial building in the LA neighborhood of Atwater Village and turned it into a clean, refined space for the team of seven to work. See the full tour below.

Design by Melanie Burstin Design | Photos by Tessa Neustadt

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Painting by Misato Suzuki
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Painting by Misato Suzuki

“In Remi [Brixton]’s office space you’ll see one of my favorite pieces of art of all time. The piece is by Misato Suzuki and in it she uses pencil and coffee grounds to achieve the most serene piece of art I’ve ever seen.”

— Melanie Burstin

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“Freck considers their brand 'an attitude' for anyone who cares about the process but not about the rules - so it was really important for the space to reflect those qualities.”

— Melanie Burstin

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