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Felicity House

Felicity House is a New York-based non-clinical program for women with autism. Serving as a meeting place, their house has been designed to address the unique needs of women with autism. Keeping in line with Felicity House’s soothing, quiet, and welcoming interiors, Uprise artist Christina Watka’s porcelain installation guides visitors up the stairs with deep warm and cool reds. A large-scale painting from artist Ky Anderson addresses pressures, both internal and external, in the first floor meeting area. Works by Rebeca Raney, Erin Lynn Welsh, and Diana Delgado complete the top floor of the townhouse.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo

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Three works on paper by Diana Delgado
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"Rise" by Erin Lynn Welsh

“Erin Lynn Welsh's dabbling mark-making is at once impressionistic and overtly painterly, allowing her to switch fluently between articulated flora and purely abstracted studies of light and dark.”

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"Hair Drawing 15" by Rebeca Raney
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"Untitled #4" by Anna Moller

“Anna Moller's 'The Long Way Home' explores the lush countryside of Värmland, a historical province in Western Sweden. Moller spent her summers there as a child and has been photographing its surroundings for the past five years. Her landscapes, shrouded in a dense fog and dotted with the outlines of trees, convey a sense of wonder at approaching a familiar place but seeing it afresh for the first time.”


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"Murmuration (Impression, Community, and Legacy)" by Christina Watka
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“Color intensifies the 'Murmuration Series' into one of chromatic expression, so that the work leaves a distinct impression on the space it lives.”

— Christina Watka

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A special installation by Christina Watka in the stairwell
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"Pressed" by Ky Anderson

“My work is a personal narrative of layered forms, colored washes and line work that illustrate the visible and invisible connections of the landscape around us.”

— Ky Anderson

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“[Felicity House] has been created with the comfort and flexibility needed to address the unique needs of women with autism such as softer lighting, soothing textures, and quiet rooms.”

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A special installation by Christina Watka

“Using a very basic material that comes from the earth, sculpted into a shape that comes from the body, I draw up undulating compositions that discuss fluidity, movement, lightness, and air. The metallic leaf catches the light and playfully bounces it around the work, inviting the viewer to pause.”

— Christina Watka

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