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Dedicated to timeless design, AYR creates essentials for women who lead limitless lifestyles. For their inaugural pop shop, we curated artwork that reflects their mission. From works on canvas by Karina Bania, to a fiber wall piece by Cindy Hsu Zell, each one-of-a-kind piece reflects AYR’s commitment to quality.

Photos by Uprise Art and Aaron Thompson for AYR

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Artwork by Ky Anderson

“AYR, which stands for 'all year round,' launched with a small, covetable selection of jeans, simple sweaters, and button-downs that, as the name suggests, you can wear any time of year—and for years to come.”

— Vogue

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Artwork by Karina Bania
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Artwork by Cindy Hsu Zell

“The store is serene and comfy, with birch-wood walls, soft lighting, and lots of seating.”

— Vogue

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“Hand spun and dyed with 36,000 ft of thread, Perpencircular 002 is a study on scale, weight, and texture.”

— Cindy Hsu Zell

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“I often wander landscapes that return to me as paintings. I’m not always aware of the connection as I begin a painting, but as the work unfolds, I uncover the environment that inspired it.”

— Karina Bania

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