Multicolored, geometric abstract collage on paper installed above a hospital bed with railings.

Hospital for Special Surgery in New York has been committed to the treatment and rehabilitation of children since its founding as a children’s hospital in 1863, and has emerged as a leading academic specialty hospital. With the entire patient and family experience in mind, we curated original artwork for the new Lerner Children’s Pavilion. Focusing on contemplative abstract works with sophisticated color palettes and calming compositions, the artwork at HSS welcomes all visitors, children and adults alike.

Abstract geometric artwork by artist Amelia Midori Miller installed on a beige wall of an examination room at a hospital.
Close-up of an abstract painting by artist Amelia Midori Miller.
Framed, abstract artwork with geometric shapes installed on a white wall in a hospital corridor.

I think that my work speaks to a universal audience. I do not make specific cultural references. Rather, I focus on formal issues such as light and space through composition and form. I invite the opportunity for people to bring their own personal experiences into the paintings.

Amelia Midori Miller

Gestural abstract painting by artist Heather Day installed on a wall next to a blood pressure machine at a hospital.
Abstract gestural painting on canvas installed on a beige wall in a hospital corridor.
Framed artwork with layered, concentric circles by artist Evan Venegas installed on a beige wall above a purple exam table.

 I love utilizing chance in my practice at various intervals. Most of my finished works have some element of chance. Although my work is heavily research-based, the time I spend making work is very improvisational and intuitive and often involves using flaws and imperfections along the way to influence next steps. 

Chad Kouri

Two collages of layered geometric shapes by artist Chad Kouri framed in natural wood on a wall.
Framed artwork with striated curves installed on the beige wall of a hospital corridor.
Children's lounge area at a hospital with rows of modern orange chairs and a gallery wall of framed artwork.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo