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Tricks of the trade with Chango & Co.

We (virtually) sat down with Susana Simonpietri, the creative director & owner of design firm Chango & Co. for her tricks of the trade. From Brooklyn lofts to Hamptons getaways, Susana and her team transform spaces into warm, bright homes. Read on for her tips on collecting art, design advice, and guidance on how to “make beauty happen”.

Looking for more tricks of the trade? Read how New York-based designer Tina Rich helped Karlie Kloss makeover the Klossy office.

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How to build your art collection

We're spending more time at home these days, and looking for new inspiration. Uprise Art Founder Tze Chun answers the most commonly asked questions from the past few weeks, and shares tips on how to discover and collect art for your living space.

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COVID-19 resources for artists

Uprise Art has always been driven by the mission to support emerging artists in the digital age. We know that information is crucial during these trying times, and have compiled this list of resources.

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7 books that inspire artists

We turned to 7 Uprise Art artists to share the books that are currently inspiring them - from classic art books to introspective novels.