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Holiday Gift Guide

Finding gifts can leave any sane person in a tizzy. To help, we put together this list of artworks and objects for all the people in your life. From your no-frills friend to the one who fawns over Agnes Martin, we’ve got you covered. And when in doubt, there’s a last-minute lifesaver—the gift card!

Ready to rule the holidays? Browse the collection, or reach out to an Uprise Art Advisor who can help you pick out the perfect personalized gift, at no additional charge.

P.S. Remember that each artwork is one of a kind, so beat the rush and wrap up your shopping before it’s too late.

The Minimalist

For the friend with impeccable taste, keep things simple and let these monochromatic pieces work their magic. Virginia Sin’s ceramics will have them swooning, and Recreation Center’s vases are the height of form and function.

Recreation Center "Zig Zag Small Ear Vase", $220

Virginia Sin "90°", $305

Clay Mahn’s hardline paintings, which incorporate layer upon layer of oil and acrylic, are satisfyingly subtle in their texture and statement. Chad Kouri and Robert Otto Epstein take a methodical approach, carving out curves and quadrants in pencil and paint.

Chad Kouri "A Sliding Scale from Black to White (Five Values)", $3400

Clay Mahn "Untitled L", $1400

Robert Otto Epstein "Sleeveless Cardigan", $2200

The Traveler

In German, “wanderlustige” describes one who enjoys hiking. These works recall vast views from past travels, and offer visions for all there is left to explore. Look to Millee Tibbs’ multi-dimensional take on American landscapes, or Pilar Wiley’s sculptures, inspired by the shapes from her childhood in Africa.

Millee Tibbs "Mountains + Valleys (Yosemite National Park #4)", $1455

Millee Tibbs "Mountains + Valleys (Yosemite National Park #1)", $2010

Pilar Wiley "Untitled (White spotted double gourd)", $610

Pilar Wiley "Untitled (Amasumpa gourd)", $610

UK-based Ferris McGuinty creates mixed media “assemblages” that look like cherished objects, transported as a memento.

Ferris McGuinty "Untitled", $1450

Ferris McGuinty "Untitled", $2450

The Poet

Small abstract works, for those who prefer to write in rhyme. Contemplate Ky Anderson’s series of small works, or Kristin Texeira’s “Memory Maps”, which reference specific moments in time through shapes and color.

Ky Anderson "Small Works #39", $525

Kristin Texeira "Sausalito boat house III", $135

NG Collective Studio "Talks IV", $1500

The Botanist

For the gardener, the green thumb, the self-described succulent enthusiast. Anna Beeke’s photographic series “Sylvania” references the forest, the trees that exist in every person’s imagination.

Anna Beeke "The Woodcutters", $1950

Anna Beeke "Satellite", $1950

Kristin Texeira "Tents", $575

Recreation Center "Saturn Rock Vase", $220

Matthew Ward "White Felix Bowl", $165

The Person Who Has Everything

The best gifts are the ones you never knew you always needed - give the gift of discovery this season with a gift card.

This is only the beginning. Browse the collection, or connect with an Uprise Art Advisor to find artwork with a story, for all the special people on your list.

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